About Us

Welcome to Caprifarmindo Veterinary

PT CAPRIFARMINDO LABORATORIES - Veterinary Division established by Drs. Jahja Santoso, Pharmacist on 2006 is a national private company focused on animal health. PT Caprifarmindo Laboratories - Veterinary Division is located on Cimareme Industrial Complex and having its corporate office at Jl. Purnawarman no. 47, Bandung - Indonesia.

PT Caprifarmindo - Veterinary Divison currently produces animal health products namely antibiotic, multivitamin, disinfectant, hormone, and vaccine for poultry, livestock, companion animal, and aquaculture. These products will continuously be developed with various forms, package, and other animal health products.

Every animal health product of PT Caprifarmindo - Veterinary Division is produced with modern technology, completed with production facilities, BSL-3 Laboratory, and supported by highly qualified experts so that the high-quality products can be achieved.


PT Caprifarmindo - Veterinary Divison continuously develops animal health product business, having an axis of research to be the top and leading company in Indonesia.


In the term of building the prosperity of the society, PT Caprifarmindo - Veterinary Divison keeps improving in animal health, builds a strong relationship with stakeholders, creates brand awareness, and focuses on customer satisfaction.